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Born and raised near Charleston, SC, I earned my Bachelor's Degree in International Studies from Emory University and my Master's Degree in Political Science from The Ohio State University.  I have taught African American Studies and Political Science at the College of Charleston for over 5 years. 

My Teaching Portfolio

Click here to see my 2018 Teaching Portfolio. Like a resume, it includes a list of my educational and professional positions, awards and recognitions, etc. It also includes an expanded version of my teaching philosophy. 

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My Teaching Philosophy

I like to sum up my teaching philosophy in one word: ACTIVISM. I encourage my students to engage in the community around them. I believe in hands-on learning whenever possible because all of life answers can't be found in a book.  The world is our classroom. We must lift our eyes from the page and look around us.

Course Offerings

Political Science 101: American Government


This course gives students a bird's eye view of our American government. We examine its historical foundations, the motivations and intentions of our Founders, the institutions they designed, and how our political system has changed over time. 

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AAST 200: Introduction to African American Studies


This course begins with a brief discussion of the discipline of African American Studies then takes a journey through history from Africa to the Civil Rights Movement and the gains that followed. We highlight several important African Americans leaders along the way and end the course with a thorough discussion of contemporary African American society. 

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AAST 300: Hip-Hop: Evolution and Impact

This course examines the history, content, legacy, and controversy of the music known as Hip-Hop.  We will combine scholarship and theory with considerable audio and video exposure to various Hip-Hop songs and artists. 

It should be noted that this course is neither an apology for nor an indictment of Hip-Hop.  

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Professor Roneka Matheny

College of Charleston, Departments of African American Studies and Political Science

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